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Answers to the ten most frequently asked questions about Winnewald:

  1)  What activities are offered at Winnewald?
  2)  Which age groups does Winnewald serve?
  3)  What is the camper-to-staff ratio?
  4)  What are the enrollment periods?
  5)  What kind of facilities does Winnewald have?
  6)  Where is the camp located?
  7)  Are Health and First Aid services available?
  8)  What is the staff make-up?
  9)  How can I visit Winnewald?


Camp Activities
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The most popular activities are swimming, archery, nature, overnight camp-out (9's), all sports, computers, fishing, low ropes, and camp trips.  More activities are listed on our Activities page.


Age Groups
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Campers are divided into "home" groups by age, gender, and school grade: 5-6 (K-1st grade), 7-8 (grades 2-3), 9-10 (grades 4-5), and 11-12 (grades 6-8).   Activities are co-ed.

Camper to Staff ratio
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The ratio of campers to staff is approximately 7 to 1.

Enrollment Periods
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Although we have an 8-week season, campers may enroll for a period of 1 or more weeks.

Camp Facilities
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Winnewald is located on about 30 acres and includes two heated swimming pools, play fields, archery area, tennis, low ropes, nature areas, miniature golf, street hockey court, clubhouses for all age groups, and basketball courts.

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Winnewald is in Clinton Township between Routes 629 and 31, about three miles from Round Valley Reservoir, Interstate 78, and Route 523; 14 miles from Ethicon..

Health/First Aid
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We employ a full-time health/first aid person with EMT/RN certification; many of our staff members are CPR and First Aid certified.

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The majority of the staff is college age and older.  Many of our staff members are former campers.

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Pre-arranged visits are always welcome.  Please see our Contacts page for information on how to reach us to schedule a visit.








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