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It is our purpose to provide an outdoor educational and recreational experience for children 5-12 in a safe, non-threatening environment.


  • Develop and enhance children’s self-confidence.
  • To develop team-building skills.
  • To provide opportunities for children to develop socially and to be open to and understanding of the diverse society in which we live.
  • To develop an appreciation and care of the environment and nature.
  • To provide opportunities to develop leadership skills.


  • Develop more social skills that will aid them in making friends through C.A.M.P, “Don’t Laugh at Me” activities, interpersonal relations (bullying), the word of the week, and conversation time.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities through participation in group planning and/or group games, opening and closing ceremonies, group skits, and in camper in transition (CIT) activities.
  • Campers will be better able to make choices and to try something they have never done before through the elective and team challenge programs.
  • Perform in the water at least three skills which he/she could not perform before coming to the camp or which were at a lower level upon arrival at camp
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the rules and skills of at least two camp games at the conclusion of the camp enrollment.
  • As a result of the campers’ participation in the team challenge/low ropes programs, group activities and over-night camp-outs, and the swimming program, campers’ self-confidence, safe risk taking, and problem-solving skills will be enhanced.