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Health & Safety

Safety always comes first at Winnewald Day Camp! The safety of our children is always our number one priority.

  • We employ a Health Director (R.N./A.A.S.) on staff at all times. This person’s job is limited to the health and well being of campers and staff, treat minor injuries, and oversee the health program at camp.
  • On-Site Owners/Directors at Camp every day
  • Extremely large and mature Leadership Team of Adults overseeing each aspect of Camp
  • Every season our camp is inspected and all aspects of camp are reviewed by the local health board.
  • Pool safety include rules for children and staff described in our staff and parent handbooks. Certified lifeguards are on duty at all times while children are at the pool.
  • Children and staff are never allowed to share food for allergy reasons. All eating and serving utensils used for meals and snacks are disposable.
  • Children always wash their hands before meals and snacks and after using the bathroom.
  • Up-to-date, beautifully maintained natural facility with focus on continuous improvements

Stephani Stephens, RN

Director of Health Services

Stephani Stephens has been a valuable member of our team since 2010.  Stephani earned her R.N./A.A.S. from Raritan Valley Community College and continued health care studies at Trenton State College and the University of Delaware. Prior to her current positions as a substitute school nurse and teacher for several Hunterdon County school districts, she was a research project director at Carrier Clinic with several professional publications and presentations in the areas of various treatments of depression. Her previous camp experience includes being a Girl Scout camper and 24 years as a summer camp nurse. She is supported in the health center by additional RNs, all of whom receive a supplementary certification by the American Red Cross for Responding to Emergencies (RTE). Stephani and her team are authorized to administer camper medications and work closely with families regarding a wide range of manageable concerns. Winnewald Day Camp’s health center is equipped to handle any situation.


The weekly attendance roster will indicate if any of our campers has an allergy, a special medical condition, or is to report to the health office at a designated time far

medication. Please review and inform coworkers.


Counselors should observe each camper upon arrival at camp and prior to commencing of each activity. Any health problems observed should be brought to the attention of the camp health director as necessary. Examples of your observations could include open cuts, rashes, and symptoms of heat exhaustion


Daily medications and inhalers will be kept in the office and administered at designated times by the camp health person. Medication is only to be dispensed by the camp Director, health person, or authorized designate as per NJ State Department of Health Standards. All medication is stored in the health area, in a locked container, and refrigerated as necessary. The signed camp medication authorization form must be completed and on file prior to the camp dispensing medication.


Oftentimes children complain of a headache, stomach ache, etc. In these cases the child should go to the health office. Campers 5-7 should be accompanied by a JC or CIT, while campers & 13 may require assistance at the discretion of the HC. In these cases the camper’s parent will be notified. In the event that the parent cannot be reached, the procedures listed on the camper’s health form will be followed in further evaluating the situation. If necessary, and upon parental permission, the camper will be transported to the hospital emergency room for treatment.


A member of the maintenance staff will check all refrigerators daily to be sure the proper temperature is being maintained (45 degrees Fahrenheit or less) and record temperature on the chart attached to each refrigerator.


Campers should come to camp with their first application of sunscreen. Counselors are trained to assist campers in re-applying sunscreen after every swim (minimally twice per day).


Basic first-aid for a camper will be administered by a certified counselor until the camp health person assumes control of the situation. In all cases, the camper’s health form shall be reviewed before doing anything.


Preparation, rechecking, and re-supplying of all medical supplies will be done on a regular basis by the camp health person. Leadership Team and head counselors 5-8 are issued fanny packs containing basic first aid supplies. In addition to first aid kits located in the health office and pool area, first aid kits are located throughout the camp in buildings designated by the “Red Cross.”


Fanny packs containing first aid supplies are worn by Leadership Team, camp health person, and the head counselors of BS/B6 and GS/G6 to assist with emergencies and minimize visits to the health office.


In the event of any camper disabilities, the camp staff will adhere to any limitation as prescribed in writing by the attending physician and parents of that person.


The Head Counselor should exercise judgment prior to sending campers to the health office.