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CIT Program


The Winnewald CIT program is open to campers going into 9th grade who have previously attended Winnewald for two or more years. Campers for this program are selected by the camp’s leadership team with input from staff.

Criteria considered include:

Attitude during years as a camper The potential for leadership The ability to get along with others Participation in camp activities and special events

CITs are assigned on a weekly basis/bi-weekly basis to camper groups 5-9 and special areas. The CIT Leader will inform you in advance of the person assigned and let you know what is expected. It is imperative as a group counselor that you are a good role model, teacher and leader for the CIT assigned to your group.

CITs are not to discipline or physically touch or carry campers. During their assigned time they are required to plan and lead an activity. Prior to leading the activity they must have received permission from the CIT Leader. The Group Head Counselor should involve them in team planning sessions and activity participation, as well as delegate responsibilities such as taking campers to the health office, lunch crates,and refrigerator room.

CITs must be supervised at all times by the staff to which they are assigned. They are NOT to be left alone with campers.

The purpose of our program is not to develop future staff for Winnewald but to teach leadership skills that they can apply as they move forward in life. CITs who do a superb job are eligible to return as JC1s if positions are available.

At the conclusion of the CIT’s time with the group, the head counselor should complete the CIT checklist and share it with the CIT prior to giving it to the CIT Leader.